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What We Offer

Drop-In lessons

Art lessons are on a drop in basis - start at ANY time! Our fun Art Teachers are always on hand to help and encourage you or your artist as you Inspire creativity! 

Birthday parties

Celebrate your child's birthday at Young Art with all their friends! Everyone gets to create a unique fun art project to take home! Includes party favors, face painting, and a store shopping spree!

Field trips

Looking for a spectacular fun, educational, and entertaining class trip? Young Art hopes to inspire a new generation of visionary artists with the help of our skilled instructors to create a unique and one-of-a-kind experience just like their work of art.


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Young Art's artist of the month!

My name is Carlye and I've been teaching at Young Art since August 2017. My love of art started at a young age with cartoons like The Little Mermaid and pretty much everything airing on the Cartoon Network at that time. What started with my grandma's spare printer paper and a 36 count box of crayons has evolved into a passion to share my drawings and ideas with the world.

  At Young Art, I share my ideas with my students. I love to collaborate with and inspire my students the way others inspired me when I was starting out. I really love animation and the creative process behind cartoons, so it goes without saying that I love story boarding, 2D traditional animation, and character and scenery design. If I'm not working digitally with my trusty Wacom tablet, I enjoy a relaxing session of canvas painting in acrylic and other water based paints. Much of my inspiration comes from 90's and early 2000's animation.

  I enjoy loose and fluid movement in cartoons with bold lines and unique designs. My goal one day is to create stories and worlds through animation that convey not only messages but elicit emotion and feeling like the cartoons that I grew up with did for me.

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