• Students ages 2 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to provide assistance during class

• Students should be able to use the restroom without assistance as staff will show them to where the restroom is.

• If a child is unwilling to participate in their lesson, we will not force them to do their art. Young Art staff will do their very best to encourage and assist students to complete class lessons

• Students must be picked up promptly at the designated end time. Parents must notify staff member in front they are there to pick up child. Parents are to wait outside the classroom for security purposes.

• If outstanding circumstances will prevent a prompt pick up, parents/guardians must call Young Art before the end of class to inform staff of the additional length of time to be purchased and the arrival time for pick up. Young Art staff members are responsible for your child(ren) until parent or guardian picks them up. If student exceeds designated lesson time, the parent or guardian is responsible to pay the balance owed for additional time past the designated pick up.

• Parents must leave a contact phone number in case of an emergency in case the child is in distress/ need of the parent

• A ticket will be given to the student at time of check in, as well as a pick up receipt for the guardian

• We reserve the right to refuse sick children to class.

• At Young Art, art is about the process more than the product. Our teachers are able to offer a hands-on approach, or be more hands-off. Please let us know at beginning of lesson what teaching style you prefer for your child.


-Art products returned with original receipt in original packaging may be eligible for exchange of full price or store credit within 30 days

-Art products returned without original receipt may be eligible for an exchange in the amount of the item at the last sale price or store credit

-Art products and services are non refundable

-Lesson packages (Camp, Tuition, Punchcards) once purchased, are non-refundable 

-Deposits for events are non-refundable

-Wacom tablets are non refundable

Thank you for visiting YOUNG ART. We look forward to serving you again soon.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Young Art?

Young Art is a drop-off art studio where people of all ages are taught different sketching, coloring, and painting techniques step-by-step instructions.


Do my kids need prior art experience in order to do this?

Not at all! Young Art instructors work with all art backgrounds, strengthening each students skill set.


What will my child accomplish in a lesson? 

Each lesson covers sketching, coloring, blending, and painting techniques.


At what age can I drop my child off?

2 and younger must be accompanied by an adult; 3 years and older may be dropped off.


How can I make sure nobody else picks up my child?

Upon check in the client will be handed a receipt with their child’s information and pick up time. The receipt will match the student’s ticket that will be placed above the student for the entire lesson. The parent will present this matching receipt upon pick up.


What if I need someone else to pick up my child?

If a different person other than the client who received the receipt upon check in will be picking up the student, the client picking up the student must bring the matching receipt at the time of pick up. Please also inform the Young Art staff at the register.