Young Art field trips provide simple, age-specific lessons for PreK & K-12 students.

Looking for a spectacular fun, educational, and entertaining class trip? Young Art hopes to inspire a new generation of visionary artists spanning across multiple states through education and skilled instructors in order to create a unique and one-of-a-kind experience just like their work of art. The experience will instill inspiration and how art is expressed in many ways. Students will expand their understanding of how shapes and simple lines can expand across a page to create an entirely new character, landscape, or face.

Come learn from over 100 compositions to choose from! Learn the difference between water pastels, oil pastels, blending techniques, water colors, painting and so much more!

Young Art offers a wide variety of educational programs for field trips led by the store's own staff of educators, artists and painters. Field trips will include hands-on activities as well as age-specific programming. Experience AquaColor pencils, Glass Colors and many other high quality art supplies only available at Young Art.


Educational programming on a wide variety of art techniques - The children get to participate in their own hands-on art project. $50 is the deposit toward a field trip of any size. Pricing is customizable for each group and their individual budget parameters. Please email us to discuss the options for your group and to book your field trip with Young Art at